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Dog Grooming Services

We treat every animal that walks through our doors as though it was our own. 


Our mission is to treat your pets like family members.  At L'Pooch Salon, we offer a nice, clean, and  quiet environment where your pets will be pampered.  We sterilize our equipment and we prefer to do quality over quantity.  Not only do we offer grooming, we also educate our customers on the importance of nutrition. For your pets to have nice skin, shiny coats and good health, they need to eat good quality dog food. Our mission is to also educate my customers on the difference  between cutting the dogs hair short versus shaving.  We will not shave a dog unless it's absolutely necessary.  As for dogs that shed, it could simply be a difference in the dogs' nutrition that would cause less shedding.  Our prices are based on type of breed, size, coat condition,  and temperament.

Dog's Coat


At the salon, we don't shave, our dogs are styled and cut.

For Your Ultimate Dog Grooming Needs Call for an appointment!

Robert F.


So I just picked up my Ginger and I can honestly say she's never looked or smelled better.  The location is convenient, they're reasonably priced, Definitely going back.

Dog Nutrition 


We will give you advice on your dog's nutrition.

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Dental Hygene


Having good dental hygene could prolong the dog's life an extra 5 years.

Manal R. 



Advice & Care

This is by far the cleanest groomer I have ever seen.  I have been bringing our little one for years now to Sandy and her service is impeccable. 

We provide services in Chicago near Galewood, Melrose Park, Franklin Park, River Grove, River Forest, Oak Park, and Forest Park.